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Your e-mail to your colleague or client needs to be linguistically correct in order to convey the right impression?

Even though you are in a hurry, it should be correct?Rechtschreibung

There is no German friend reachable for proof reading? ๐Ÿ˜Š


In addition to our German lessons, we also offer correction services.

You can send us your texts or e-mails at any time, which will be conscientiously and expeditiously corrected.


Company reports

Project descriptions

Brochure and leaflet



Price per Unit

Price (gross)

Package 1
3x Units
up to 2
00 words

4,90 EUR

14,70 EUR

Package 2
10x Units
up to 2
00 words

4,80 EUR

48,00 EUR

Package 3
50x Units
up to
200 words

4,40 EUR

220,00 EUR



Price per Page

Price (gross)

Package A
3 pages
Aprox. 6.000 characters

7,50 EUR

22,50 EUR

Package B
10 pages
Aprox. 60.000 characters

7,35 EUR

73,50 EUR

Package C
50 pages
prox. 300.000 characters

6,95 EUR

347,50 EUR


If you would like to order larger amounts, please contact us.

We deliver texts, which you can utilise immediately.

Our service combines correction and editing. This includes, much more than just correcting; we also improve your documents stylistically and content wise, indicating where we think it might better to make changes and giving you examples.


We strive to carry out every order as soon as possible. Please indicate your desired delivery date.

For very urgent orders, we offer you an express delivery at a surcharge of 50 %. In such cases, you generally obtain your proofed document on the same day, or latest until the next morning of a workday. Please keep in mind that express services need to be confirmed.

By agreement, this is also possible outside of the normal working hours (e.g. on weekends).

If you desire very extensive editing with lots of changes and restatements, word count based price calculation isnโ€™t possible or appropriate. In such cases we charge per hour. Our hourly rate is 65,00 EUR gross. We can also provide you with a price estimate beforehand.


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