German Weekend Intensive Course – Erfolgreich im Beruf B1

Dates: will be posted soon…
Saturday: 10.00 AM – 4.15 PM
Sunday:   10.00 AM – 4.15 PM
Location: Munich

Avoid German Language & Culture mistakes at work.
Learn in 1 weekend what might take you months.
Attend the Weekend German Intensive Course – Erfolgreich im Beruf B1

What will you learn during this 2 day workshop?

  • Succeed at your first day at work
  • Smooth orientation at your new job (small and big companies)
  • How to ask for a favor or help at work
  • How to use “Du” and “Sie”
  • Understand appropriate personal space during conversations
  • How to converse with colleagues
  • How to write proper Emails
  • How to set appointments
  • How to communicate on the phone
  • Understand what “Being on time” means in Germany

Take your chance!
Language Success

👉Come with a friend and BOTH will get a 10 € discount!! (Cashback) 💸

–> Make sure that you’re level is already around B1.1 and have some basics in grammar and communication.

380,00 EUR

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