How to choose the correct greetings message?

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When exactly do you write

“Viele Grüße”
“Liebe Grüße”
“Mit freundlichen Grüßen”
“Bis bald.”
“Beste Grüße”

in a work email? 🤯

The order is according to how officially it is and how close you are to the recipient of the email.

Get it right:

1. “Hochachtungsvoll”
(Very official, used for the court or when the situation between the two parties is a bit critical – rarely used)
2. “Mit freundlichen Grüßen”
(The most common – can be used in almost all cases for work or in official letters)
3. “Beste Grüße”
(Still official, but you have a good relationship with the recipient.)
4. “Viele Grüße”
(Is used for private letters, but can be used in labour aspects too, if you have a nice and good relationship with the recipient.)
5. “Liebe Grüße”
(Is usually only used for private messages – it is not colloquial and still polite, but more for private contexts.)
6. “Bis bald.”
(Literally “See you” / “See you soon.” More used for private messaging, but in a good relationship can be used in work contexts.)

There you go!
To your success! 😊💪

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